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I am on the eve of launching my web page.  Over the past four months, I've been working on building my portfolio and have had more portrait shoots in that span than in the past year prior.  It's been very exciting, challenging and rewarding as I've learned new lighting techniques, met many new people and have a much better sense of what works and what doesn't for me when setting up a shoot.

I expect this is just the beginning of what I intend to be a career of image-making.


Working in new environments (Part 1)

This past Thursday and Friday, I set up shoots in environments and conditions that were new to me.  I have to say that both were amongst the shoots I've had the most fun doing!

My first challenge was doing a shoot in the water.  While this October has been fairly warm compared to the past, it is still fall and the water-temperature reflected that.  However, the concept was one that my model wanted to do and since she was game, I was too.  That said, I did bring a 70-200 lens to see if I could somehow accomplish getting the shot while still being on dry (and warm) land.  When I realized it wouldn't be the same, I literally tested the waters to see what I was getting in to.  It was a bit of a jolt at first but bearable.

                                                                                              Moments before getting my feet (and then some) wet.

My model, Seong-Hee, was very courageous.  She had a much bigger challenge than I had.  All I had to do was be in the water and take photos while not getting the camera wet.  She had to be in the water, deeper than I was, and appear comfortable (happy, even) to be in the chilly lake.  She really did a great job and we got some very nice images!  Here is one of my favorites: